While getting ready for work and doing household chores one morning, I asked my husband to play one of Pastor Prince’s sermons on YouTube. I didn’t have time to read my Bible or pray before going to work.

When my husband played a sermon about God’s protection promises in Psalm 91, I wasn’t very thrilled. I’d wanted to hear a message on healing because I had a skin condition at that time.

As I was cooking, I didn’t change the sermon and listened to it diligently. I also recited Psalm 91 along with Pastor Prince.

Later at my workplace, I made myself a hot drink using cocoa powder from a glass test tube I’d received during a baby shower. While drinking the cocoa, a piece of glass went into my mouth!

I quickly checked the glass test tube I was drinking from to see if it was broken. The glass test tube was fine. I have no idea where the glass piece came from and it was so small I could have swallowed it!

Thank God I wasn’t drinking in a hurry, which is usually the case with my coffee. If I did, I would have gulped down that piece of glass and it could have led to so many problems such as internal bleeding.

Praise God for His protection. I can’t thank Jesus enough.

Anonymous  |  India

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