I work as a policeman and have seen a lot of death and pain in my line of duty. One day, everything hit me all at once, and I was struck with anxiety attacks. I work out at the gym and practice self-defense regularly, but when anxiety hits, no muscle or martial arts could help me. I started getting heart palpitations, dark thoughts, and couldn’t sleep at night.

My wife, Rachel, bought Pastor Prince’s book Live the Let-Go Life for me. As I read the first chapter, I felt a dark cloud lift off me. I believe the Lord started the healing process that night.

I listened to one of Pastor Prince’s sermons about partaking of the holy Communion and experiencing incremental healing. My family began partaking of the Communion every night and have seen the Lord’s power move so mightily. I also listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons daily to fill my mind with the God’s Word.

Today my heart palpitations have disappeared, and I can sleep at night! God is so good. I focus on His goodness and promises. I’m excited for what lies ahead and love this journey I am on accompanied by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for showing me how Jesus saves, Pastor Prince. You are truly a gift from God!

Jay Nadas  |  South Africa

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